Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Friends (Caleb: 6 Months Old)

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing two little best friends. You may remember Bryce (now 2 and a half years old) and Caleb (now 6 months old) from their session earlier this year. Well, just six months later both boys are so much bigger and they've developed this love for one another than is priceless. Although these brothers are still very little, it's obvious that they've found a best friend in each other.

Last time I photographed Caleb he was a tiny, sleeping newborn. Now he's this big boy that laughs at anything his mommy and daddy do, admires his big brother, and not only does he sit up all by himself but he crawls at lightning speed!

Precious, precious baby boy. I still can't believe how big he is.

Best friends. Last time I photographed them, Jeff, Danielle and I really had to work hard to have Brycie give Caleb a kiss. Caleb was brand new and Bryce was trying to adjust so kisses were not necessarily at the top of his list. But this time, I only asked once. And we got this. LOVE.

Although this session was to focus a little more on Caleb now being 6 months old, I couldn't help but also focus on Bryce. Seriously, this kid is stunning. And I must add that no one asked him to do this or posed him this way - Brycie simply did it. Gorgeous kid!

But he's also so much fun :-)

And there's that beautiful serious face again. And again, he totally posed on his own. I was loving it!

Grandma and Grandpa joined us again this session to help out with the boys, and Grandma recommended this tree at the park. I was loving it! And again - Bryce the serious model! I could have taken his picture all day long.

He thought climbing the tree was pretty fun though :-)

And I'm still not sure what I said to get this expression from him, but I love it!

And just one more of Mr. Bryce :-)

I then started to focus on Caleb again. He was just having such a blast watching Jeff be silly :-)

Love those beautiful eyes.

Jeff then thought that it would be a good idea for Caleb to sit on Brycie's back.... Well, it didn't work as planned, but we still love these. So great for a playroom :-)

And there's that smile again! We didn't have to work very hard to get these smiles and laughs out of Caleb :-)

He was also so busy exploring his surroundings. He LOVED the grass and twigs.

I brought along my wagon, thinking it could be a good way to contain a running toddler and a crawling baby. Success! I love their expressions - so similar.

And again, those expression! By the way Danielle - LOVE Brycie's red Chucks :-)

Caleb then got some alone time on the wagon and he was so adorable! He's such a Gerber baby.

Another great shot for a playroom. Loving all the bright colors.

We then did one more picture of Brycie before Grandma and Grandpa took him to the playground so that we could focus on Caleb. Brycie is seriously

And then time for Caleb's close-up. When Danielle first contacted me about doing pictures again, she said she wanted some diaper and naked shots of Caleb. I loved the idea :-) It was a very warm day, So Caleb was happy as ever to be just in his diaper :-)

This says JOY!

I could just keep posting more and more of this series!

Love this face! Caleb is just beyond adorable.

And then his diaper came off! Jeff and Danielle have a picture of Bryce at this age where he's naked, his body is facing away from the camera but he's looking back smiling. We really tried to recreate that picture with Caleb but he was so busy playing with the grass in front of him...

This is as good as it got.... he was just so busy playing.

But then he did this and made all our days! Not exactly what we were aiming for, but love it nonetheless!

Caleb was definitely proud of himself :-)

I love his expressions.

Once we got a big set of this diaper/naked series, we went down to the playground to see what Brycie was up to. It was a very warm day so his little cheeks were red - but oh so cute! He loved the slide :-)

Danielle then put Caleb on the slide and he too loved it! What a priceless laugh :-)

Jeff and Danielle, it was SO good to see you both and those gorgeous boys of yours again. They are getting so big and more and more beautiful. You guys are beyond blessed with those little ones. And thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for all your help (again!) with the boys. We're seriously going to have to get you both in pictures with the boys in the future! :-) I hope to work with you guys again in the near future, and I hope you enjoy the preview! Hugs - Brenda/Harbor :-)