Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chrissie & Willie's Engagement Session

Last weekend I photographed my last engagement session for the spring - and what a session it was! Willie and I are co-workers, so I was thrilled when he asked me to do their engagement session and meet his (beautiful!) fiancé. Here are a few favorite from their session, enjoy! :-)

Meet the couple, Chrissie and Willie.

They immediately got comfortable with the camera and right away we got some awesome images.

LOVE this.

They were so playful, I loved it :-)

Willie - you are a lucky man. Not only is Chrissie gorgeous, but she's fun and smart and an awesome woman all around.

Whenever Willie and Chrissie were serious they looked like models. I was loving it!

See what I mean?

Love their "walk-away" shot.

But I love this more. Willie's curls and lashes, Chrissie's smile and pose - love.

Willie is so in love with Chrissie....

And vice versa :-)

I love both their eyelashes in this shot.

What a perfectly matched couple.

And there's that serious-model-look again :-)

And of course, gotta show off he bling! :-)

Love :-)

And another shot of the bling. I love how we incorporated Willie's awesome watch, too.

Willie and Chrissie then did an outfit change into something more casual and we went to get more shots.

A playful yet intimate shot.


Gotta love spring - it provides beautiful, natural backgrounds for us to use :-) And Willie and Chrissie have mastered the "dip" for their wedding! :-)

At the end we found this place with columns and benches, and it was the perfect place to end.

And we ended with this :-) Willie - you are one lucky man! Chrissie is beautiful, smart, funny and just amazing! And Chrissie - it was SO nice to finally meet you. Willie talks so nicely about you, it was nice to meet you and see how truly amazing and beautiful you are :-) I hope you like these as much as I do, and I wish you both the very best! :-) - Brenda