Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brynn Kristina: 8 Days Old

Last weekend I photographed a family that I had already photographed once - but this time as a family of five and not four :-) To read this amazing families story, you can read it here. And I really do encourage you to read it before continuing so that you can understand some of these pictures.

So meet absolutely gorgeous 8 day old Brynn Kristina.

What a doll!

Tiny Brynn is so perfect.

From her little hands...

To her tiny feet.

Absolutely beautiful family.

So much love.

The three siblings. I was so glad that they incorporated Travis into these pictures. Seriously, what a beautiful boy.

Aunties Tina and Debbie joined us that day, so while Brynn took  feeding break we went outside with Addison. Seriously, she has grown so much in just 5 months! She's a vibrant, active toddler now, and oh so beautiful!

She had so much fun outside with her aunties :-)

I couldn't chose a favorite - so I'm blogging them all :-)

When we went back in, Brynn was fed and asleep again, so we continued shooting. I love this shot of Nicole, her sister Tina and the girls.

And then we went back to focusing on Brynn.

Absolutely gorgeous.

I kept telling them that it's kind of ridiculous how amazing perfect and beautiful Brynn is.

Love Brynn's little feet.

One of my favorite pictures of Brynn with Bro-Bear.

And of course, Addie Sue with Bro-Bear.

And Addie and the heart pillow.

Seriously, this kid is too much! :-)

After a little feeding break we went back to Brynn, who was dozing off again. I tried to tuck her feet under her bum so it would stick up, but instead she's stuck one foot out. LOVE this!

But we did finally get her feet (kind of) tucked in under her :-)


Then while Brynn took one last little break we went outside to take some pictures of the aunties and Addie joined us and we ended up getting this shot with Roger :-) :-)

Back inside - daddy and his sweethearts.

Daddy and his baby girl.

A few times before this we had tried to get Addison to kiss Brynn but it just hadn't worked out, but while Roger held Brynn, Addie came right up and kissed her. Success!

Brynn's got Roger completely wrapped around her little finger. And speaking of fingers, I love this shot of Brynn's little fingers round Roger's ring.

And then it was mommy's turn. Nicole, seriously, you look so good just a week after giving birth.

I love me a good mommy and daughter shot.

This ring is so incredibly special, as it has some of Travis' ashes. II had no idea you could do that, that's SO amazing. And I love that Brynn's got her little hand wrapped around it.

And I will end with this because it's probably my favorite. Just what it signifies... Those wedding bands brought these two people together, and years later here they are. Their precious son, represented by the tattoo on Nicole's arm, watches over them, and each of their hands is in this picture. This has got to be one of the most beautiful shots I've ever taken.

Nicole and Roger, it was SO very good to see you guys again, as well as Addie Sue, and it was a pleasure to meet beautiful Brynn. She's absolutely perfect. And Tina and Debbie, thank you so much for all your help. I don't think we could have gotten as much done had you too not been around too chase after Addie while we got pictures of Brynn! And sorry I couldn't add your pictures on here. It's supposed to be 30 and I went over by 3! But they will be included in the disk :-) Hugs! - Brenda