Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Birthday Present for Mom

Today is Alma's birthday, and it just so happened that we did her families photo session the weekend before and the post is on her birthday. What a wonderful present her hubby got her - and what a amazing birthday present her little one is!

Meet Alma's perfect birthday present, 2 year-old Jamie. What a sweetheart!

Jamie is absolutely beautiful.

She's such a happy little girl and loves to be thrown in the air by both her mommy and daddy :-)

Alma had a set of tutu's ready for her session. Gorgeous!! Love her little tutu bum :-)

Posing against the wall for me :-)

Alma then changed Jamie into her Dodgers tutu - LOVE!

Jamie's such a little player :-)

And then it was time to PLAY! Jamie had a blast on the swings.

Jamie has an adorable contagious laugh, it's SO cute!

This is one of my favorite images of Jamie :-)

Though this session was more for Alma's birthday, we still got some shots of daddy and Jamie. I love their high-five and dab-it :-)

Then I got THIS. I love it. Jamie's big eye, little nose, perfect lips and tiny teeth are priceless.

Dodger's hair flower and baby lashes = perfection.

Jamie running towards me....

....Stopping to pose....

....And running away. Her flying tutu and hair look gorgeous.

Then it was time for Jamie's last outfit change and time too DANCE!

Jamie did lots of dancing with her daddy.

Her expression is priceless.

Then Jamie did lots of dancing on her own :-)

And finally, here is the birthday girl with her little birthday present.

And a few more of the little ballerina :-)

I am in love with Jamie's serious face.

Kissing daddy's head :-)

I love Jamie's laugh!

And we end with these beautiful candid of the birthday girl and her little one. Alma - I wish you a very happy birthday, and that you have many, many more beautiful years to come. And to both Alma and Juan - It was so much fun working with you guys, and I hope you like these as much as I do! :-)