Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nicole Lynn: 9 Days Old

I've said it before and I'll say it again: newborn sessions are some of my favorite lifestyle sessions. There is just something so incredibly special about photographing a brand new human being. I love it, and this session was no exception. Not to mention that this is the first newborn baby girl that I have ever photographed! I've photographed so many newborn baby boys but I had NEVER photographed a newborn baby girl, so this session was extra special :-)

Meet 9 day old Nicole Lynn. Yes - she is smiling! So, so precious.

Nicole is so absolutely perfect, from her little newborn hands....

Down to her tiny newborn feet. I love newborn feet pictures.

Nicole has an older brother, almost 2 year old Michael, and he is totally smitten by his little sister. I barely had to ask him once to kiss her before he ran over and gave her the sweetest kiss.

Once Nicole was asleep we started with the props. Love the cliché pink tutu :-)

Though both Valerie (mom) and I liked he brown/tan tutu more (which is what this one looks like in color). Either way, Nicole was absolutely precious!

Just look at this beautiful little princess. Stunning.

So perfect....

And so sweet. And look at those lips - so kissable!

During a little feeding break I got to take pictures of their gorgeous pets, too. This is Crockett, and he is beyond adorable - and so protective of his family.

And this is their cat, Shanks. He is so incredible sweet, and he definitely isn't shy like cats normally are. He came right up to me and kept smelling all of my baby props :-)

While Valerie finished feeding Nicole, I got some pictures of Michael alone. This kid is awesome!

Matt (dad) asked Michael to make a "mad face" and this is what Michael did! This kid is so charming!

We then made sure to get pictures of Michael and his daddy.

SO. Sweet.

And of course, Michael and his beautiful mommy.

Then Matt finally got a turn with his little girl.

Nicole has her daddy wrapped around her little finger :-)

And mommy and Nicole.

Valerie - you are beautiful! I know mamas are normally so self-conscious after having a baby but wow, you look amazing!

One of my favorite newborn poses.

And a family picture - success! Michael was SO good, and we loved that Nicole was awake for these.

Priceless! It's like Nicole timed the kiss and sticking her tongue out perfectly :-)

Mommy and her babies.


Daddy and his kiddos. And I love that Crockett is in the background!

We tried for another family shot and got this - success! Seriously Matt and Valerie, you have the best kids ever, so easy to work with!

One of my favorites! We decided to head outside and so they put Nicole down on the bed and I watched her while they put some shoes on, and this is what she did for me :-) :-) :-)

Then we headed outside and got this. Though Nicole is crying, I really like the way everyone is looking at her, and the way Crockett is laying there as if saying, "Can we please make the little one stop crying??" :-)

And one last family portrait - love!

Valerie and Matt - it was such a pleasure to meet you both. I had heard nothing but wonderful things about you from Amy and she was right - you're an astonishing family. Thank you so much for allowing me in your home, I had such a good time. You guys are blessed with those two amazing little kids! -Hugs, Brenda