Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Lyla

I seriously photograph the cutest kids in SoCal. Little Lyla is no exception. She is 16 months old and she goes to my church - so I get to see her twice a week. Yay! :-)

Meet gorgeous Lyla.

I still can't get over how absolutely beautiful she is.

And look at those eyes! Green? Blue? Hazel? Just gorgeous!

Lyla as such a happy little girl :-)

And it helped that mom and dad were so fun :-)

Lyla loved being thrown into the air.

And she LOVED being kissed!

And swinging with mom and dad :-)

Love this. Felipe and Brenda (yup - we've got the same name :-) are so in love with their little one.

They look at her in total admiration, it's cute to see.

And how could they not??

Just look at this little doll!

Beautiful family.

And so happy! This yells "JOY" :-)


One of my favorites.

Stunning little girl.  Absolutely stunning.

And those baby lashes! This baby is perfect in every single way.

Felipe and Brenda are SO blessed with this little one.

Thank you guys so much for the opportunity to take pictures of this little model! I hope you like these as much as I do! -Hugs, Brenda