Friday, May 4, 2012

A Joyful Engagement

I love laughter in photo sessions. Not only does it make them go so fast, but we get amazing photos. That's exactly what happened in this engagement session :-) Rocio and Marcos are getting married mid-June and they are SO in love and so happy - and it shows in their images. Enjoy! :-)

Meet handsome Marcos and gorgeous Rocio.

What an insanely happy couple!

They are so in love with each other.

Love Rocio's smile :-)


We had so much fun on the playground! We started with the slide...

And then took over the swings :-)

Love the hand-holding and their smiles.

We did the first part of their session at a park in Manhattan Beach, and it has a little museum there that made a terrific backdrop. Love this.

Love birds :-)

Showing off the bling and M&M's :-) Funny story: the M&M's had their names on the back, but they forgot them in the car and the letters melted off.... :-) But we decided to use them anyway, because while you can't see their names, they know what was on there and it's special for them :-)

After that we headed to the Manhattan Beach Pier.

And Marcos and Rocio continued laughing and having fun :-)

And running away from the cold waves!


And there's that laughter again!

So classy.

Under the pier.

Just before the kiss.

And then the golden light arrived.

And they just danced in it :-)

We then got some fun shots, like this....

....and this. LOVE!

Then we did the opposite. Love it just as much!

At the very end we headed up on the pier to get some silhouette shots. We started with this.

And then got this! Thank you Mr. Sunset!

So beautiful.

And gorgeous.

Classy yet again.

And we ended with this :-) Rocio and Marcos - I had so much fun that afternoon and I love what we got. I hope you guys like these as much as I do, and can't wait to photograph your wedding in a few short weeks! Hugs, Brenda