Monday, May 28, 2012

Diana & Obed's Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions. The couple is fresh of the "Will you marry me?" "YES!" high and it shows in their images. Engagement sessions are always so fun :-) Not only that, but I get to work with the couple before the wedding and I get to learn what they're like, what kind of images they're looking for, and what works best for them. But this couple.... they made it TOO easy! :-)

Meet Obed and Diana :-)

Obed popped the question earlier this year, Diana answered YES!....

And here we have one very happy couple :-)

They are so, so cute together.

Obed and Diana have such love in their eyes for each other. I'm blessed to be able to capture this through my lens.

They just couldn't stop smiling, it was so cute and contagious :-)


I must admit, sometimes guys can be a little hard to work with. They're simply "shy" in front of the camera and don't know how to "pose" but Obed made it look so easy, he was a natural! And Diana was just stunning.

I'd been wanting to do a "kissing shadow" images during an engagement session ever since I started my business but I'd never had a chance until their session. Success!

Diana and Obed are so in love, they made the session so easy :-)

After a quick clothes change we did a few more. I love the "walking away" shot.

Diana - you are stunning!

After that we hurried to the beach to get some shots there. We had this big plan in mind. We'd get some nice sand/beach shots under the pier, then go on the pier and get silhouette shots as the sun set and end with the fair on the pier. However, the weather changed everything for us. The closer we got to the Santa Monica Pier the cloudier it got. By the time we got there it was grey, windy and cold. Bummer! But Diana and Obed decided to continue the session anyway and boy am I glad they did! We ended up having so much fun and getting some awesome images like this one!

The overcast weather meant we could shoot anywhere, not just under the pier (because I shoot in natural light and solid shade) so we got these great scenic shots of the pier.

Diana and Obed danced, it was too cute :-)

And there's that laughter! So contagious :-)

The clouds then parted a little bit to show a slim sunset, so we took advantage of that.

And we still got their silhouette shot :-) Love this.

This was SO cute. So Diana and Obed brought some props and we used them here. So they got them set up and Obed knelt to relive his proposal and suddenly we looked up and there were all these people on the pier looking down at them! They were all smiling, it was so cute :-)

Love this. The pier, the beach, the pose. And I DO.

Diana - you are so cute :-)

A couple more shots of the I DO.

Obed is so in awe of Diana and really, how could he not be??

Once it got darker we headed to the pier where they both changed and we got some colorful shots :-)

SO cute :-)

And we ended with the ferris wheel on the fair! Perfection.

Diana and Obed - I had a blast. You Lovey-Doveys are so cute, and SO fun and easy to work with. I CANNOT wait for your wedding later this year. If your engagement session was this fun, I can only imagine how fun our wedding will be! :-)