Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anna & Israel's Engagement Session

This summer I have several weddings, and so this spring has been so busy with engagement sessions. I love it!

Anna and Israel are such a fun couple, and they picked an amazing place for their engagement photos. We hiked up to the Escondido Canyon Falls in Malibu and WOW! What a backdrop we had for pictures!

There are two waterfalls at Escondido Canyon Falls, a very big one at the top and a smaller one at the bottom. We weren't able to hike to the top though (because of lack of time and the hike was very steep) so we settled with the smaller one, but I love it! So meet Israel and Anna :-)

I love the sprinkling water behind them. And they are SO cute.

Such an adorable couple.

And SO in love with each other.

Israel is so happy with Anna, it's so cute to witness :-)

And Anna is so in love with Israel :-)


We then moved on to a new location. Can I just say that I LOVE spring?? The blooming flowers and plants were beautiful! This field of yellow flowers made for a beautiful backdrop.

Anna and Israel picked the most perfect outfits - they contrasted so beautifully against nature :-)

This was the first picture from their session that I shared on FB. I love it.

So in love.

I once read something that said, "The greatest thing a man can do to a woman is to lead her closer to God than to himself." I couldn't agree more.

On our way back to our cars we found this old, rusty, vintage-looking metal tunnel-tube, and it made for amazing images!

Of course, these beautiful people made the images so amazing :-)

One of my favorites!

But this one.... this is my favorite. SO natural and beautiful.

Love the depth of field.

And then we spotted this tree. WOW.

The love tree. Too bad we didn't have anything sharp for them to etch their names in too :-)


Practicing the dip for their wedding :-)

Absolutely beautiful.

And I'll end with this one, with Israel in complete awe of his wife-to-be.

Anna and Israel, I had an absolute blast with you guys. It was SO much fun, you guys are such a pleasure to be around, and it's so beautiful to witness the love :-) And also, thank you to Kris and Rebecca for helping with the clothes bags and just being there and being fun! :-)