Friday, April 27, 2012

Ryan Xavier: 9 Days Old

I love photography, all kinds of photography. But I must admit that from all the lifestyle photography that I do, newborn sessions are probably my favorites. There's just something so incredibly special and angelic about these tiny human beings. And Ryan Xavier was no exception.

When we did this session Ryan was just 9 days old, and he was the perfect newborn! I strive to do newborn sessions between 7-14 days of age because it's during these days that babies sleep the most, and they're still very flexible. And Ryan did just that - sleep and sleep and sleep. Our session lasted 3 hours and Ryan slept the whole time! Even when he kind of woke for a feeding he was so calm and perfect! Randy and Emily - you are so blessed with this little guy! So, on to the photos :-)

Meet gorgeous, 9 day-old Ryan Xavier.

He is perfect. And beautiful. And such a good baby! Randy loves basketball and Emily found a similar picture like his online that they really wanted to try. I'd never done anything like this but we tried it and got this. PERFECT. And of course, this wouldn't have been possible if Ryan wasn't such a good baby :-) Randy - I hope this is what you were looking for :-)

I still can't get over what a perfect, beautiful baby Ryan is. Such a little angel.

Before I get to the next pictures I want to thank Denise SOOOO much. First off, thank you for introducing us, Denise. I've known Denise for years now, and I was SO excited when she contacted me saying her brother and his wife had just had their first baby and they'd like for me to take his newborn photos. What an honor. And as if Denise wasn't awesome enough for doing that, she was SO incredibly helpful throughout the session. Ryan really liked the warmth, and most of the photos we did were naked (and ALL were shirtless) so we needed a warm environment and so Denise brought her hair blow drier out and for THREE HOURS this girl kept baby Ryan warm and she warmed up all the objects we put him on (such as the basketball in the previous pictures and the bowl in the following pictures). Poor Denise was hot and sweaty by the time we were done, and her arm must have been so exhausted from pointing the blow drier at Ryan for 3 hours, so I just want to publicly thank her for all her hard work. Denise - you are the best auntie! I really don't think we could have done this for 3 hours without you, so thank you so very, very much! :-) Also a really big thank you to grandma "G" and to auntie Martha - you gals were also so helpful throughout this!

So back to the pictures :-) Ryan LOVED this big bowl once it was all warmed up and he curled right up in there. This id made my job so easy :-)


Ryan's little feed were still peeling. Emily was a little worried about how this would look in the pictures, but I love it. It shows exactly how brand new her baby boy was in these pictures. Love those little toes.

This is one of the images that Randy had seen on here before and he really wanted. Success :-)

I can't get over how absolutely perfect and beautiful Ryan is, from the top of his head.... his pink little bum and precious little feet.

Precious little man.

So angelic. Love his little mouth here - he was in a deep sleep :-)

Just days before Ryan's session I got this lion hat from the totally awesome Sew Sweet by Kayla. Kayla - your products are amazing!

Ryan totally rocked the lion hat :-)

Love his lips and belly here! His expression is priceless, and his belly is o big from being full of mommy's milk :-)

Precious boy.

A little pea in a pod :-)

We then moved Ryan to the basket (and finally put a diaper on the kid! :-) and he just slept on. Seriously: best. newborn. EVER.

This is another one of Sew Sweet by Kayla creations. Little cream bear. LOVE.

And finally an awake photo of the little guy! He decided he would be awake for the family pictures :-) What a beautiful little family.

Love these. Ryan looked at every kiss, whether it was Randy and Emily kissing, or mommy and daddy kissing him. Sweet boy.

Emily and her little miracle.

They say there's nothing like the bond between a mother and her child, and Emily - you are the perfect example of that. You are beautiful and you are glowing with love.

Randy and his little man.

Emily's boys :-)

I've done several mommy's hands/rings on baby's feet pictures but his is one of my favorites. I think it's Ryan's little peeling feet that make this so beautiful.

And then Ryan went right back to sleep on daddy's shoulder :-)

Since he was asleep again we decided to try one more pose... perfection!

Emily and Randy - it was so nice to meet you and document such a beautiful time in your family's lives. Ryan is absolutely perfect and you are so blessed with such a gorgeous baby boy. Enjoy him - time flies! :-)