Sunday, April 22, 2012

Five Under Nine

I must admit - I was so nervous and anxious for this session. I knew I would be working with five young kids and I didn't know how well it would go - and if we would be able to get a single picture of all 5 kids looking at the camera. Boy was I wrong! I arrived at the park and the kids were already everywhere, but between Aaron (dad), Sara (mom) and Susan (grandma) we got them all in one place and that was it - they were the perfect little kids! I don't think I have ever had a session that was this easy or go this well! Aaron and Sara - you really do have the best kids ever! These kids are every parents dream. You guys are SO blessed with them (not that you didn't already know that :-) :-) So, time to meet the kids! :-)

Meet 9 year old Owen. He is the best big brother ever. He is on top of everything, helping mom and dad get the younger kids in place. Someone has to do this job and Owen - you do it well!

Owen is SO full of life, such a happy kid.

And he's SO handsome.

Now meet 6 year old Max. This kid is SO sensitive and attentive to his younger siblings. At one point his little brother started crying because his younger sister took his stick and threw it in the pond, and without anyone having to tell Max anything, he ran over and looked for a new stick for his little brother. And again, this kid is only 6. SO precious.

He's also the master of twirling around the monkey bars :-)

And he's such a cute little boy! Max is definitely Aaron's mini-me :-)

Now meet stunning 5 year old Evelyn. Evelyn is this sassy little girl, so cute! She's lucky to have 2 older brothers to watch after her because with her beauty, she's going to need it when all the boys are after her in a few years! :-)

Evelyn loved the playground and had so much fun :-)

See what a mean? :-) What a stunning little girl she is!

Now meet 3 year old Townsend. He's such a precious little guy! You'd never know it, but Townes has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - just half a heart. Townes has already had all 3 stages of his repair (the Norwood, Glenn and Fontan) and he's rocking the post-Fontan life. I saw him run and play nonstop and his lips stayed pink - yay! :-)

Townes is such a beautiful little boy and has such a zest for life. I loved watching him play. Townes is a little miracle. (Oh, and by the way, this was his smile! :-)

I also dare to say that Townes had the most fun. At one point this kid was IN the water! I kind of panicked and told Sara, and she replied, "When you have 5 kids, some dirty clothes isn't the end of the world." I LOVE her attitude. No wonder her kids are so amazing. So anyway, this is how Townes ended up! Needless to say, he needed a clothes change before leaving :-)

And last but certainly not least, meet 16 month old Paige. Let me tell you something about Paige: this kid can RUN! She is SO fast, it's hard to keep up with her! I'm surprised I got as many shots of her as I did! Paige is such a sweet little girl.

And so, so stunning! Again, she's lucky to have 3 older brothers to watch after her when she's older! :-)

Paige is such a happy little girl - whether she's running away or playing with mommy :-)

I seriously was not kidding when I said that these were the best kids ever. Just look at this photo! Perfect!

And then we got this! I was over the moon! These kids are amazing!

And then we tried for a family shot and got this. Seriously? This family made my job way too easy! And you guys are beautiful!

One more family photo. I know I already said this but Aaron and Sara - you are so, so blessed.

Daddy and his girls.

Mommy and her boys.

And grandma and her little ones. Thank you so much for all your help!

Brothers. Sweet, beautiful, loving brothers.

Sisters. Happy, stunning, loving sisters.

Once we got all the "needed" shots out of the way it was time to play! I have no idea what they told Townes, but this was the reaction I got! :-)

Owen was all over the playground, climbing on stuff :-)

And then the "H" kids took over the slide. Not sure where Paige was at this point (probably running away from grandma!) but the other 4 took over the slide (you can only see Max's pants above Evelyn, but he's there :-)

And once we got done, everyone just hung out on the grass. Sara told me after that it felt like another day at the park. That's exactly what I strive for in my sessions - normalcy for the kids.

Aaron and Sara - what can I say? You guys are SO blessed with these kids. They are amazing! Not only were they good for the camera, but they are so compassionate and loving towards each other, it was something so beautiful to witness. You are doing an amazing job in raising these kids. It was also so good to finally meet you all and do this session for your guys. I hope to keep in contact and meet up with you all again soon! Love, Brenda