Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Noah

Easter weekend was very busy photography-wise, and I kicked things off with this gorgeous baby boy and his family. Janet is a co-worker so I was super thrilled to meet her beautiful baby boy with the most awesome hair I've seen in a baby! What a perfect way to start such a gorgeous Easter weekend :-)

Meet almost one year-old Noah. What a doll!

Noah has the most gorgeous baby hair that I've seen! It's long and sticks up in the perfect places. Seriously - what a beautiful baby boy!

Since it was Easter weekend, I made sure to take my basket and eggs, and Noah had a blast!

He thought throwing the eggs at his daddy, Paul, was the funniest thing :-)

See what I mean? :-) Thank you, Paul, for being so silly behind me and getting these smiles out of your baby boy.

That weekend was SO nice, so we took advantage of that to get some diaper shots of Noah. SO glad we did! What a little chunker.

Wow. What a beautiful baby.

And then he started yelling at Mommy and pulling on his tie. I could just hear him saying, "Enough, please get this off!"

So we did and threw a bow tie on :-)

Noah rocked anything we put on him!

One of Noah's favorite things right now is pointing, so I made sure to capture that :-)

Just look at that beautiful face. Paul and Janet - you are blessed with this little guy.

And then it was time for the bow tie to come off, too :-)

What a beautiful family. Noah is the perfect mix of his parents.

And he is so, so loved.

What a happy baby boy, and what a delighted Mommy.

We then scampered off to another location and on our way there we noticed this cool wall so we stopped for some shots. SO glad we did. Noah thought hanging out on Daddy's shoulders was so much fun.

And he thought pulling at Paul's hair was fun, too :-)

Beautiful family!

This was totally un-posed. This is just how Paul and Janet look at Noah - with love and awe.

This is one of my favorite mommy-son shots. Noah's expression is gorgeous, and I love Janet's eyelashes.

And then we arrived at our new location. I love Noah's hair and baby teeth!

Another favorite daddy-son shot. Paul's smile is priceless.

More baby teeth!

And then Noah thought it would be fun to grab at my camera while we played peek-a-boo. SO cute :-)

And there's that laugh and those teeth!

Janet and Paul, it was a pleasure to do this session for your beautiful family. You are so, so blessed with that beautiful little guy and he certainly made this session fun! :-) -Brenda