Monday, April 9, 2012

Araceli's Jr. High Senior Session

I'm one of three girls (the oldest) and this year all three of us will be graduating. I will be graduating with my bachelors from UCLA, my younger sister will be graduating from high school (and heading off to college - SO excited for her!) and the baby will be graduating from Jr. High school and heading off to her last 4 years of grade school. Needless to say, we need to start early with senior pictures! So we're starting off with my baby sister, Araceli :-)

We did Araceli's session over 2 weekends, in 2 different locations. The first location was at the Manhattan Beach Pier, and the second at the Cal State University, Long Beach Japanese Gardens :-)

If you've been to my blog-site before then you'll remember Araceli. If not, then meet my gorgeous baby sister :-)

She is SO sassy and cute!

And she's such a fun 14 year-old :-)

At 5'7'' with a thin-build, she could certainly be a model.

She's also brilliant!

And above all, she loves God with all her heart and is wise beyond her years.

I love this "little girl" so much.

Such a beautiful young lady.

One thing she really wanted were silhouette shots, so once "golden hour" hit we went up on the pier to take photos and waited for the sun to set more to get silhouette shots. Love!

This belongs in a Hollister ad - the seagull (eagle-looking) in the background and all :-)

A perfect ending to the perfect first part of our photo shoot :-)

And then, like I mentioned, the second part of her photo shoot took place at the Japanese Gardens in CSULB. Such a perfect place for such a beautiful young lady!


Love this!

This tree was so awesome. Not only did it give us good shade, but its color was amazing - especially for spring. You see these colors in the fall, so to see them in the spring as just wonderful.

Though it looks just as good in sepia :-)

Stunning young lady.

So brilliant and pensive.

And lovely lashes!

I love this "little girl" so much - no matter how much she annoys me at times ;-)

She's so beautiful, in and out.

And I can't wait to see her thrive in high school! I love you, baby sister! I hope you like these as much as I do :-)