Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jackie's Sweet 16

The reason why sweet 15/16's are celebrated are to acknowledge the fact that this young girl has just transitioned from little girl into a young woman. It's a very special time in the lives of these young ladies, as well as their families.

Well, last weekend I photographed my younger cousins sweet 16. Right before the party actually started though, we scampered off to a nearby park and did a mini session. LOVE the results! Here are a few, enjoy!

I loved how Jackie still has enough child in her to play at the playground :-) By the way, the theme of her party was "The 50's", hence that totally awesome dress :-)

What a beautiful young lady.

Absolutely stunning.

LOVED the red Chucks with her dress.

Jackie has some crazy curls, and the wind made them act up even more this day :-)

Cute lil' girl :-)


This is her Marilyn Monroe shot. Thanks to the crazy wind we got this :-)

The bright colors of the playground made for perfect props.

Jackie coming down from the playground :-)

The day of the party it had rained all morning long, but the run came out just long enough for Jackie's mini session. Yay!

After we got tons of playground shots, we decided to get some shots on Jackie's vintage bike.


Gotta love a 50's dress on a vintage pink bike :-)

And there she went!

This is a framer for sure.

And then it was time for more "young lady" type shots.

Love. That's all.

We made sure to get all 4 combinations between her 2 shoes. Can't pick my favorite, love them all!

Beautiful young lady.

With gorgeous eyelashes.

And her Barbie! This is the very first teaser that I posted on FB, it's my absolutely favorite.

Though this one is pretty great too. Kudos's to my younger sister for taking this it!

And then Jackie went back to little girl and couldn't stop laughing! :-)

What a beauty.

Absolutely stunning.

And the Chuck's were back!

At the very end we found this very cool red metal stump and it was absolutely perfect.

So we ended on this perfect, picture-perfect moment :-) Congrats Jackie! - Love, Brenda