Friday, March 30, 2012

An Inspirational Family

I love my job. Not only am I doing something that I love, but I honestly get to meet some of the most inspirational families in SoCal.
This was the case last weekend, when I did this session. This family is just amazing. The dad, James, is in the US Army and is currently stationed outside the state, and all the while his baby boy, Baby James, has congenital heart defects: ToF with Pulmonary Atresia. Because James is out of state most of the time, Ritchelle, Baby James' mom, has to deal with all of his health issues on her own. Though, that's not entirely true... This amazing family lives with James' parents, and they are SO amazing in helping Ritchelle out with Baby James. It' absolutely inspirational to see this big family work together to help Ritchelle and Baby James.

Also, Baby James just had his first open-heart surgery, the full repair for his ToF, and last I heard he was doing great! So, on to the pictures so you can meet this amazing family :-)

Meet 6 month-old Baby James.

What a beautiful boy! SO handsome.

And now meet Baby James' immediately family. I love that James decided to wear his uniform. It was so special, especially since Ritchelle mentioned in her emails before we met that these were their first family picture.

Baby James is SO, SO loved - and he knows it. Just look at that little smitten face!

I couldn't help but notice how insanely happy James was to be with his family and play with Baby James.

Such a beautiful daddy-son moment.

I love how James looks t his baby boy in awe. What a beautiful moment in their lives.

We then tried for one more family photo and got this.


Baby James is such a beautiful boy!

Before James and Ritchelle took off to change into casual clothes e got some pictures of them alone. Such a cute couple :-)

And then we added grandpa, grandpa (James' parents) and Jay Jude (James' little brother) into the mix. I love this!

What a gorgeous, inspirational family!

Grandpa and grandma with Baby James. Such proud grandparents.

As Jay Jude said: "The all boys photo" :-)

Three generations: Grandpa and grandma, their son James and their grandson Baby James.

And one last family photo. Baby James smile is priceless!

And then it was up to Super Mama Ritchelle to put Baby James to sleep :-)

But Baby James was having none of that :-) His personality is so cute! He has so many adorable faces, like this one.

And this one! This is his, "I'm not so sure of that camera" face.

And this is my favorite! His, "I'm worried about everything!" face :-)

And the best of all - hi super big smile :-)

James and Ritchelle (and grandma, grandpa and Jay Jude!), it was SO good to meet you guys. You have such an inspirational family, with the way you deal with Baby James' health issues. It was so amazing to hear all your stories, with everything you've all been through and gotten though. I hope you like these as much as I do! :-) -Brenda