Thursday, March 1, 2012

Abraham's Easter

If you've been on my blog-site before you will definitely remember Abraham. I have been photographing this little guy before he was even born! Actually, much before that. I photographed his parents' wedding, and then their maternity session and I have been taking Abraham's picture ever since he was born. It really is an honor to see them coming back time after time. And I can't wait for the next couple of months! His parents are now expecting again, and they've known for a while that they were expecting twins, and just a couple of weeks ago they found out that they're expecting TWIN BOYS! How exciting is that?! So stay tuned over the next couple of months for their maternity session, and then in May-June for the twins' newborn session :-)

But this session was all about capturing Abraham at this age. We figured the best place for Abraham to be himself would be at the park, so we headed to there! And since Easter is coming we made sure to capture some Easter-y images. LOVE the result! :-)

For those of you who have been here before, you'll remember precious Abraham. For those of you who are new to my blog-site, meet gorgeous 20 month-old Abraham. As per his usual style, he started with some serious faces.

But as soon as we got to the pond at the park and he saw the ducks he totally forgot about the camera.

Funny story here: we totally forgot that there were ducks at this pond so we didn't bring bread to feed them. Another couple was there with their son and they had their son share his bread with Abraham so that he could feed the ducks. So the little boy gives Abraham 2 slices of bread, and immediately Abraham puts one in his mouth! I guess he missed the part where he was supposed to feed those to the ducks! :-) Good thing he laughed right along with us :-)

Once Abraham got over his awe of the ducks we headed deeper into the park to find a good spot. I took my Radio Flyer wagon as a prop, and when I purchased it a smaller version came with it. Abraham LOVED towing his ball in it. He was so stinkin' cute.

And here's Abraham in the big version. SO cute!

We then changed Abraham into his Easter clothes. Someone needs to get this kid an agent. He's 20 months old and poses like this. Seriously.

When we handed Abraham the basket with the egg he did what any boy his age would do: dump the eggs out :-)

Then he put the eggs back in just so that he could dump them out again :-) Typical boy.

Then Abraham had a better idea - get rid of that girlie basket and use "his" little wagon! Creative kid :-)

Once we got the Easter pictures out of the way it was time to head to the playground! Abraham was SO excited that he lost his pants as he ran there! Funny kid!

While Abraham climbed on the playground I got to focus on him being a little kid.... like here, he kept touching the wood floor. It was a warm day so the wood on the playground was warm, and he kept sitting and laying his hands flat to feel it. I love the curiosity in toddlers.

And then it was time to play!

He absolutely loved the slide!

Abraham constantly laughed - all the way to the bottom :-)

Then it was time for another outfit change and the swings!

Gotta love a good swing shot with a kid in a fancy hat and dressy clothes :-)

And finally it was time to leave. But we made sure to stop one last time to look at the ducks.

What a precious boy.

Israel and Ana - I had so much fun, and I can't wait for your maternity and newborn sessions coming up! Congrats again! :-) Hugs, Brenda