Sunday, February 26, 2012

Five Lil' Gals

Last weekend was so fun - I got to photograph FIVE little girls under the age of five! These five little gals belonged to three families, and the three moms have been best friends ever since high school. I LOVED that they got together to have pictures of the five girls taken, as well as of each of their three families.

I'll never finish blogging if I go through each family, so here are some of just the girls. Enjoy!

This is stunning 5 year-old Natalie.

Look at the lashes this little girl sports!

This is Natalie's cousin, Delilah, who is 2 years-old. What a beauty!

Delilah also sports some gorgeous lashes. LOVE little gals' eyelashes.

This is Delilah's baby sister, Dafni, who is 6 months old. Can you say GORGEOUS??!! She was such a smiley baby :-)

Dafni was so NOT fond of tummy-time, though. This is such a keeper!

Dafni also has some beautiful eyelashes, which I captured before she gave up on me and tummy-time :-)

This is 4 month old Hailey. What a beautiful little peanut!

Just like her little friend Dafni, Hailey loved giving everyone smiles :-)

And this tiny lil' gal is 1.5 month-old Abigail (with her big sister Natalie). What a cute newborn! Love the chunky baby cheeks :-)

This is another favorite sisters shot. Natalie is so in love with Abigail, it's precious to watch.

Delilah is just as smitten with her little sister Dafni. Such cuties!

We then started trying for a shot of all five lil' gals. This was one of the first shots. LOVE! Delilah's and Natalie's expressions are adorable and Dafni's tongue is too much! These cousins were beyond adorable!

And then we got this shot. Natalie, being the oldest, is so sweet with her little sister, younger cousins and best friends :-)

And then we got THIS. Perfection!!

Erica, Mirna and Daisy (and each of your hubbies), thank you so much for trusting me with these! I so enjoyed working with your lil' gals, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! ~ Hugs, Brenda