Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caleb: 13 Days Old

I absolutely love when I get to work with my client's families. It's always so much fun, and so great to meet my client's families. That was the case with this session. My last blog post was for Scott, Alison and their little angel, Noah. Today's post is for Scott's identical twin brother, Jeff and his gorgeous family. I met Jeff the same way that I met Scott and Cameron (or Rambo and Gumby) - at Camp del Corazon this past summer. Jeff's camp name is Scooby and the kids at camp love him. Jeff is actually in this YouTube video on Camp del Corazon, and about 5 minutes in you can see how much Jeff/Scooby is loved by the kiddos and how much he can connect with them and help them.

Jeff is just SO good with the heart kids at camp.... and even better as a daddy with his own two kids. It was amazing to see him interact with his two gorgeous boys, Bryce and Caleb. He delights over them, and is so in love with his sweetheart, Danielle. It was such a pleasure to get to photograph his baby boy at such a young age. So I'll get right to the pictures now, enjoy! :-)

Meet adorable 13 day-old Caleb. He was wide awake for the beginning of our session, and such a doll.

And now meet big brother, almost 2 year-old Bryce. What a beauty!

Look at the eyelashes on this beautiful boy. Stunning.

It was close to Bryce's nap time so we had to work quickly to get the portraits done before he was too tired to cooperate. We decided to do some family portraits first and immediately got this. WOW. Thank you, Bryce, for such a beautiful pose! :-) And are you seeing double yet from the last post to this one? Scott and Jeff are truly identical!

Because of Bryce's upcoming nap time, I focused on Bryce first, figuring I could focus on Caleb when Bryce went to bed. He's such a fun kid :-)

He had so much fun on my old Radio Flier tricycle.

But he had a vehicle and trick of his own to show me.... Apparently he's been doing this for quite a few months already - and he's not even 2 yet! Yikes! It would not surprise me if in a few years this kid is a BMX rider, or motocross racer or some crazy stunt sport like that!

He was definitely pleased with himself, though, and so happy to be at the top :-)

And though I said I'd focus on Bryce until his bedtime, I just couldn't resist Caleb's sweet little yawns and stretches as he slept. SO sweet.

Bryce was so sweet with his baby brother, too. He was so cute kissing Caleb's toes...

And giving him sweet kisses.

Before we knew it Bryce had toys all over the living room where we were shooting, and we figured he might cooperate for one more family picture if he had all his toys around him. Success!! Actually, our success was so big and we got so many great family photos that I couldn't choose which to blog - so I'm blogging a few :-) LOVE the color in these and Bryce's adorable expressions.

What a beautiful family.

Then it was time for Bryce to kiss Mommy goodnight and head to bed with Daddy for his nap time.

And then Danielle and I got to focus on tiny Caleb.

What a sweetie.

I loved Caleb's curled up froggy legs. Too cute.

Gorgeous baby boy.

Then we went for the naked shots.

Love this angle.

Beautiful baby boy.

We then tried the stocking hat.

I can't get over how adorable Caleb is.


Snuggle time with Daddy....

And snuggle time with Mommy.

One of my favorite newborn poses.

Grandma and Grandpa (Danielle's parents) got there towards the end of our session, and they let us borrow their rings for this beautiful shot. I'd never done one like this before, but I'm in love with it. The hands are moms, grandma & grandpa's rings are on Caleb's toes, and Mom & Dad's rings are on Danielle's hands. Hands down one of my favorites from this session.

Danielle's and Jeff's rings on Caleb's toes with both Danielle's and Jeff's hands in the picture. WOW.

What a gorgeous little family (minus Mr. Bryce, who was still napping :-)

And then Caleb made us all VERY happy by smiling for this shot. Yay! :-)

So much love....

After this Brycie woke up, but he was still a bit groggy and not in the mood for pictures. Love this one, though, such a sweet Daddy-Son moment...

So we finished off with Caleb in the vintage suitcase as a little bear :-)

What a cutie!

Jeff and Danielle - thank you both so much for the opportunity to do this session for your gorgeous family. It was great seeing you again, Scooby, and it was so good to meet you, Danielle, and those gorgeous boys of yours. And Grandpa and Grandma - thank you both so much for allowing us to use your rings; and an extra big thank you to grandpa for helping out with the backgrounds so much, and grandma for helping us with the blow dryer - you guys rock! :-) Hugs! - Brenda (Harbor)