Friday, January 20, 2012

The Warrior. The Dancer. The Soccer Player.

My last session in San Diego (almost 2 weeks ago) was for a super fun, silly, adorable five year-old named Trevor. I "met" Trevor's amazing mom, Stacey, on Facebook some time back. My story of "meeting" Stacey is similar to how I met Travis' parents on Facebook. Though you'd NEVER know it by just looking at him, Trevor only has half a heart. The only difference between Trevor's congenital heart defect (CHD) and Travis' and Dylan's is that Trevor has Hypoplastic RIGHT Heart Syndrome (HRHS), whereas Travis and Dylan have HLHS. But the point is that Trevor only has half a heart.... So anyway, I "met" Stacey on Facebook last year when a request for prayers was posted for Trevor as he was to undergo yet another open-heart surgery (the last scheduled surgery for the HRHS repair - hopefully last surgery forever!) Thankfully Trevor flew through his surgery and recovery! That's not to say that Trevor didn't have any setbacks, but for the most part he did amazing!

Needless to say, it was such an honor to meet and photograph this gorgeous kid. He's a true testament to the quote, "Half a heart, not half a life!" Trevor truly lives his life to the full extent (with the help of his parents) and he gives so much hope to parents with younger HLHS/HRHS kids.

Meet gorgeous Trevor.

He is such a beautiful boy!

Trevor loves his Daddy (Bill) so much, and it was amazing to watch how patient ad loving Bill is with Trevor.

And of course, Trevor adores his Mommy :-)

What a beautiful family! (Missing in this picture are older brothers Brandon and Travis, who weren't able to make it.)

After we got some portraits out of the way we got to playing. The park that we were at (Mission Bay Park) has ducks, so in this photo Trevor was sneaking up to some ducks.

Our session was early in the morning, however, so everything was wet with the dew and before we knew it Trevor slipped and fell. Time for some baby wipes and an outfit change! :-)

Got this as Trevor was heading to change. LOVE his hair!! Trevor's hair (and most of his other features, too) are you typical "California Boy" looks! He's such a beautiful kid!

Now I would like to introduce to you Trevor, The Warrior. Look at that battle scar! He wears it proudly, and I have a whole series of these where he's showing me his muscles and how strong he is and what an amazing warrior he is.

The Stacey mentioned the Trevor danced... I HAD to capture him dancing! So Trevor quickly grabbed Mom's phone and here he is looking for a proper song. Again - that hair!

And now I'd like to introduce to you Trevor, The Dancer.

What an adorable kid! He was such a dancing bean!

Some of my favorite moves :-)

AAAAAAND, not only did Trevor dance, but he sang too!

This has got to be my favorite dancing shot. I LOVE silhouette's.

However, a few minutes later Trevor quit dancing and went to do what boys do best...

Play with sand! As soon as we saw him kneel in the wet sand we knew he'd be done with those jeans (again :-)

But Trevor had a lot of fun being "all boy" and I had fun capturing some of his features that I couldn't capture while he danced, such as his gorgeous, dark eyelashes and more of that awesome "California Boy" hair - and even some baby fat cheeks!

And here's proof that we were all done with that outfit :-)

Since Trevor had gone through two pairs of jeans and quite a few shirts, we figured it was time to go with some totally different clothes. So now I'd like to introduce to you all Trevor, The Soccer Player. Could that rolled tongue be any cuter??!!

This has got to be my favorite soccer player image. The way the wind caught his awesome hair and sleeves. The velocity at which he's running. The beautiful backdrop. And of course, the rolled tongue!

LOVE this! That tongue...!

A gorgeous candid I caught while he played and had a blast.

And here's that beautiful boy finally sitting down. By the way, earlier this week Trevor scored his first soccer goal AND he was proclaimed player of the week! Yippee!! Well done Trevor, well done!

Bill and Stacey, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this gorgeous kid with my lens. It was truly an honor to meet your beautiful family.

And Trevor - you keep rocking on! -Hugs, Brenda