Sunday, January 29, 2012

Noah: Little Angel

Last weekend I got to do a photo shoot for an adorable little boy, Noah. I met Noah's dad, Scott, at Camp del Corazon this past summer (same place I met Gumby - Scott's Camp name is Rambo :-), so needless to say I was thrilled to meet Scott's wife, Alison, and adorable little angel, Noah.

Meet gorgeous (almost) 2 year-old Noah.

Noah has so many adorable expressions!

One of my favorites.

And now meet Noah's Mommy, Alison, and Noah's Daddy, Scott. Love these!

After we got lots of shots of Noah with Mom and Dad, we tried to get a family portrait. Noah wasn't having any of that, though, so instead we got this. LOVE.

And then Noah decided to join them. SUPER LOVE! Scott had mentioned that what they really wanted was a family portrait, so I was SO excited when we got this :-)

And then we got this! Noah was just too cute.

Once we'd gotten the portraits out of the way it was time to play! Noah's all boy so of course he'd want to go down by the water. I adore this shot of Scott with his little man.

While Noah had fun with the leaves I had fun capturing his features, like his sweet eyelashes.

And his gorgeous profile to go with those lashes! What a beautiful little angel.

After Noah had fun by the water we headed to the bridge for some more shots. I'm SO glad we did.


This was the first picture of this session that I Facebooked because I loved it so much. Perfection.

Then we tried for some more running shots. Seriously, Noah has the cutest facial expressions!

Noah also loved feeding the birds and ducks.

He was so in awe.

I forgot to mention before that Scott and Alison are expecting their second little angel this coming summer, and Noah was so good at showing me where the baby is :-)

And he made sure to give his baby sibling kisses :-)

Since things were going SO well we tried for one more family picture. I'm so glad we did!


At the very end we let Noah roam the playground. Needless to say, he had a blast :-)

Another one of my favorite family shots.

Noah had so much fun!

And by the looks of it, so did the whole family :-) Scott and Alison, thank you so much for the trust in me to capture these photos for you. Noah is an absolute angel, and it was a pleasure to meet you all. - Brenda (Harbor)