Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Baby Sister, Araceli

Last week I took some photos of my baby sister, Araceli, who just turned 14 earlier this month. Okay, so I know she's not a baby, but she's the baby of the family - and a cute one, at that! :-) I wasn't going too blog these, they were supposed to be more personal pictures and for her to use as her Facebook profile pictures, but they're just WAY too cute not to share! Enjoy!

Meet my baby sister, Araceli. Yes, I know she's gorgeous. And stunning. And beautiful. And yes, I know I'm redundant, but she's just SO cute!

She's such a cute little girl.

I mean, young lady.


She also has really long hair. Just stunning.

And I love how she's still such a little girl that she'll climb backwards into a slide for pictures.

What a cutie! But boys - she's OFF LIMITS.

Just stunning.

I love you, baby sister!