Tuesday, January 3, 2012

JoJo Bear

My last session of 2011 was for a very special family. I met Cameron (known to many of us as Gumby :-) at the Camp del Corazon staff meeting spring 2010. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to camp that following summer, but I did end up going this past summer as a counselor and it was there that I got to know Cameron a whole lot better. He's an amazing person, SO patient with the little heart kids and it's because of that that everyone loves Gumby at CdC :-) So needless to say, it was an honor to photograph his new little family.

Meet Gumby and Debby's new little girl, Josephine Kyung Min. Or, as many of us know her, JoJo Bear :-)

And this is their precious family.

JoJo is such a doll baby! She was pretty serious for most of the session, but Mommy and Daddy were able to get some big smiles from her :-)

Gumby is in awe of his baby girl.

But really, how could he not be?? JoJo is incredibly precious!

We ventured outside for a few minutes, and since it was cold JoJo got lots of cuddles and kisses to keep her warm :-)

What a precious little family.

And the complete family! Chloe (doggie with Debby) and Chorizo (doggie with Gumby) were so good for the couple of pictures that they joined us for. Plus JoJo's expression here is priceless :-)

Kissies! Everyone gave kisses on command minus Chloe. She figured her little sister had enough kisses and didn't need more :-)

After our little adventure outside, JoJo got a little tired...

And to sleep she went :-)

What a precious baby.


And this I love more! JoJo made sure to stretch well after her little catnap.

We tried on one more Christmassy hat, but JoJo thought it was time to get up :-) Love this with her looking at her Mommy.

JoJo Bear! And look at that tummy! It doesn't get any better than a pudgy baby :-)

And just look at those dark, bright eyes. So precious.

We then went for one last outfit change - the pink tutu. JoJo was so good for the first few minutes...

But then she let us know she was DONE!

Good thing Mommy and Daddy snuggles and kisses make everything better :-)

Gumby and Debby, thank you so much for the opportunity to meet JoJo Bear and do this session for her (and your family). It was a pleasure! Happy New Year! -Brenda (Harbor :-)