Saturday, January 14, 2012

Evan: Mommy's Love

My second photo session last weekend when I went to San Diego was for this amazing mom and her beautiful boy, Evan. Evan is eight months old, and he's so cute! Evan was full of smiles, laughs, and a sense of adventure. As a matter of fact, it was hard to keep Evan in one place because he's SO mobile. Lisa - you better stock up on baby gates and put them up all over, because Evan will keep you on your toes! :-)

However, what you would NEVER know by just looking at him is that Evan was born with congenital heart defects (CHD). Evan was only a week old when he had his open-heart surgery, and because of setbacks he was intubated (with a tube down his windpipe to breathe for him) for four weeks, and was hospitalized for over 2 months. Yes, that's right - that smiling, happy boy that you're about to see down here has been through all that (and probably more!) and yet he is such a happy baby. Without a doubt his Mommy, Lisa, has given him everything he needs. Evan is truly the love of his Mommy's life.

Meet totally adorable Evan.

Sorry, that was a major typo. Meet totally adorable, happy, smiley Evan!

I really can't emphasize what a happy baby Evan is!

But it's easy to see why. He has his mommy at his side. He's the love of her life, and she's the love of his life.

What a handsome boy.

But we got very few face like that. Most face looked like this! I love both Lisa's and Evan's smiles here.

"Mommy kisses make me happy. I love my Mommy and she loves me!"

Lisa's prideful face as she looks at Evan is priceless. What a blessed, beautiful little family.

Evan: Mommy's love of her life.

Evan loved going up in the air!

But when he came back down he was SO ready for the next adventure/mischief :-)

Evan has gorgeous baby lashes and I really wanted to capture them, but with him moving non-stop it was hard to. I had to be really to catch them the second he stood still. LOVE.

More playing with Mommy! Evan was having the time of his life :-)

LOVE this. Lisa has a gorgeous necklace of a beautiful silver heart, and this heart is cracked down the center and over the crack there is a band-aid holding it together, keeping it mended. What a perfect representation of Evan. Evan was born with a broken heart, and through an open-heart surgery his heart was mended.... And here is Evan, healthy, happy and holding his Mommy's necklace, totally unaware of what it represents. SO precious. CHD Awareness week is coming up in February, and this would be a beautiful image for Lisa to use during that week to raise awareness.

And more baby lashes! Had to take every opportunity I could :-)

About halfway through Evan was given his wubbanub and he was happy as ever!

And even when it was taken away, he continued flapping his little arms and cracking up :-) Seriously, this cute kid made my job so easy :-)

And here is Evan showing off his zipper. Open-heart surgery scars are often called "zippers" simply because that's what they represent - a zipper to that child's heart. However, Evan's zipper has healed amazingly well and you can barely see it! Plus his baby chub helps hide it :-)

Here is another angle of Evan's zipper, and you can see the scar a little more. It's a "bump" more than it is a scar, it seems. Good thing chicks dig scars - they'll be all over Evan! :-)

This has got to be one of my favorite photos of the whole session. As I've mentioned repeatedly, Evan is an extremely happy little boy so he's always smiley and laughing. So it's so rare to catch him in a moment like this - which is why I love it! We have the baby lashes, the wrinkled nose and the pout - priceless! :-) (By the way, Lisa was buttoning up his shirt after unbuttoning it for his zipper photos, so maybe Evan wasn't too happy that she was "hiding" his scar again - he'd rather show it off to the world :-)

And love this! This face immediately followed the previous one. What a gorgeous kid!

Towards the end of the session we tried a couple of the props, like this hat. LOVE. Evan was looking up at his Mommy here - just check out the love he has for her.

And then we stuck him in a basket. Evan was SO NOT amused.

Flying in the air with his Mommy was SO much better! Lisa - thank you for the opportunity to do this! Evan is such a joy to be around, and it was beautiful for witness the love that he has for you, and the love that you have for him. It was so clear that Evan is truly the love of your life, and it was such an honor to capture that with my lens. Hugs! - Brenda