Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last weekend I had the pleasure of "working" with two beautiful, wonderful sisters. Being the oldest of three sisters myself, I love seeing other sisters interact so well and love each other as much as these sisters do. They have such a beautiful bond - and it was so easy to capture it with my lens.

We started our shoot early in the morning at the Blue Pyramid at Cal State University, Long Beach.

This is the stunning older sister, Brianna...

And this is the beautiful little sister, Sarah.

Love this!

And then it got fun! One of my favorite shots of the entire shoot :-)

Brianna and Sarah then changed into more "Christmassy" clothes to get a few shots for Christmas cards. I love this one! The colors, the poses - the heels!

This one is also super cute :-)

And again, the shots got fun :-) This is a type of shot that I've done with little siblings, and I loved that Brianna and Sarah were willing to do this :-)

On our way to the running track we spotted these, and we couldn't resist.


And those heels!

And finally we made it to the track. Sarah is in track and field at her high school so she wanted to get one of these. I love the bright colors of her shirt and shoes, but even more, I love the motion of her hair.

This one of Sarah in her jacket is a keeper for sure! She should frame it next to all her metals and awards :-)

Towards the end of our session we headed to the fountain at CSULB to get some final shots. Though the sun was out and bright, and there wasn't any solid shade at the fountain, I'm still SO glad we got these. Sarah is so beautiful.

And Brianna is completely stunning. Actually, Brianna graduated from CSULB, so I know this fountain means a lot to her. Just one of those landmarks that will always remind her the good (and bad!) times she had at this awesome university.

Love this shot of the sisters!

And I love this more. I had these Christmassy props in my car for a session I was doing after theirs of a younger boy, yet when they saw them in my car they decided to use them - and I'm SO glad they did. This awesome :-)

And of course, have to pose with the awesome fountain too :-)

LOVE! Seriously, these sisters have such an awesome bond, and I love that they're such kids at heart :-)

At the very end Sarah changed into this sexy dress to get some "senior-like" pictures. I'm so glad she did!


And Brianna posed underneath these amazing bare trees.

Gotta love university settings.

Brianna and Sarah - thank you so much for trusting me with these priceless images. It was an absolute pleasure to "work" with you, and I hope you love them as much as I do! ~Hugs, Brenda