Friday, December 9, 2011

Handsome Eriberto

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing this very, very handsome young man at the UCLA campus. Seriously, Eriberto just turned 12 and he is one very good looking guy! His parents are going to have their work cut out for themselves very soon to keep the girls away.... :-)

Eriberto belongs in a catalog!

This is a Fossil catalog type picture. What a hottie!

And those lashes... love 'em! Plus his tie looks great in the "background" :-)

UCLA is great for pictures. The brick columns they have are great. I love the depth of field in this one - and I LOVE that the wind moved Eriberto's tie.


Eriberto then quickly changed into some "Christmassy" clothes so we could get those out of the way.

Once we were all done with the dressy clothes, Eriberto got into some jeans and polo shirt and we wandered around. He loved Kerkhoff Hall so we got several photos here. What an amazing building!

The arches at Kerkhoff were great backdrops, and Eriberto continued to be a cutie :-)

Eventually we reached Royce Hall. You know the building you see on all the UCLA merchandise? Yup, that's Royce :-) And this is perfect!

On one of the arches in Royce.

Once we were all done with the jeans and polo, Eriberto got into his soccer clothes. He LOVES soccer, so we made sure to incorporate that into his shoot.

Love how everything is blurry except Eriberto.

And then Eriberto got to do the other thing he loves - skateboarding :-)

He was really focused....

And very good at tricks!

What a cutie!

Gotta love this shot on Royce's arches with Powell Library in the background.

And we ended the shoot with a UCLA football jersey down by the Joe Bruin statue :-)

It was a pleasure to work with you, Eriberto, and I hope you and your family like these as much as I do :-) ~Hugs, Brenda