Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gorgeous Matthew

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous almost-nine-year old boy, Matthew. To say that it was a joy to be around him would be an understatement. He was so well-mannered, he's brilliant, and to top it off, he's such a gorgeous young man!

We started our session at Loyola University where Matthew showed off his skateboarding skills. He was really good, and so proud to be riding the skateboard that he made himself at Skateboard Camp :-)

I love this! The determination and focus is marked across his face.

What a gorgeous boy! Matthew is such a cutie.

LOVE his big dark eyes.

After a while Matthew started feeling "queasy" (hee hee) so we headed back to his house and made a deal - we would do photos in one of his suits and after we'd go to In-N-Out to get rid of the "queasiness." Thankfully Matthew agreed, and we got this!

But of course, Matthew had to be goofy :-)

Matthew posed with his book bag, which I loved. He takes this with him when he goes ministering, and this is the way Matthew dresses, so it was so perfect. This is who Matthew is.

What a gentleman.

And those eyelashes...

It was so hard to pick which photos to blog, because Matthew is so gorgeous in all of them.

LOVE that face.

And that hair! Matthew had his haircut just hours before his session, but you can still see the brown and blond shades in his hair. What a beauty.

Once Matthew was all done with his suit pictures, his mom held up her end of the deal and took him (and me - thanks Lucile!) to In-N-Out for burgers. While we waited for our order Matthew put a puzzle together, and I got another shot of his eyelashes. Love 'em.

And that, folks, is the face of a happy boy after eating his Double-Double :-)

Thank you so much, Lucile, for the opportunity to capture your little man with my lens. He is such a gentleman, and such a joy to be around. And Matthew, thank you so much for being so cooperative (even when you felt "queasy" :-) :-) and so easy to "work" with. I hope you both love these as much as I do! :-) ~Brenda