Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Brother

This past weekend I had the privilege of meeting up with Kristin, Scott and their three adorable kiddos for their shoot. I must admit, I was a little nervous knowing that I'd be working with three young kids... but this family made it SO easy. Scott and Kristin are so in love with their little ones, and the girls are in awe of their little brother. I loved capturing that with my lens and freezing those moments. Not to mention that they are such a beautiful family - inside and out. I had a hard time picking photos to blog because they are all so good! So I will quit typing and get to the photos :-)

Meet the new family of five :-)

Brown-eyed big sister, Kaitlyn, is 4 years old, and she was too cute for words. She is so friendly, and was immediately talking to me. I think the cutest thing she said was, "I don't like that pose" at the beginning of the shoot (she was referring to the above family pose :-)

Green-eyed little sister, Elizabeth, who is 2 years old, was the complete opposite of Kaitlyn at the beginning. She was very weary of me at first and chose to hang out with her daddy. But I kept the camera pointed at her, knowing she'd look at me eventually - and she did. And I LOVE it. This is Elizabeth's signature serious face :-)

And finally we have the newest member of this beautiful family, the little brother, baby Joseph, who is only a month old. How many one month olds do you know that can pull off a pose and semi-smile like this little brother did here? Joseph was SO cute and incredibly sweet!

After I got this shot I was doing a happy dance behind my lens -- all three siblings looking at me! Yay!

After we got the portraits out of the way, we moved on to playing and having fun. Kristin and Scott got busy cuddling Joseph, and he loved every minute of it.

Although Kaitlyn is the big sister, she still loved to be carried by her daddy, and she was such a joy.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, was busy giving her daddy kisses. So sweet!

Then it was daddy's turn to watch Joseph while mommy got her turn with the girls. I love this one of Kirstin and Elizabeth. There's actually a whole series of these that I love. It shows Elizabeth having a blast with her mommy and being a two year old :-)

There's also a whole series of Kristin with Kaitlyn that is so adorable. Kaitlyn started out kind of serious with her mommy, but after 20 seconds she was hanging off Kristin's arms and being so adorable :-) But I still love this "serious" shot of Kaitlyn with Kristin :-)

After we got all the parent-to-kids combinations out of the way, the girls went to dig in my basket (where I had some knitted hats and baby-toddler ties) and they had so much fun with them! Love these girls, they are so cute! :-)

While the girls continued playing with the hats and ties, we tried to get a few more of Joseph alone - and totally succeeded. This is one of my favorites. The blue blanket and blue stripped stocking hat made Joseph's blue eyes stand out even more. What a gorgeous baby boy.

Once we finished some shots of Joseph, we decided to head down to the playground - but not without one more family photo. I love this shot of Scott and his girls as they walked over to get ready for the family photo. This should be framed in the girls' room :-)

And here is one of the family photos! I kid you not, I said, "Okay, everyone look at Joseph" and they did! Love this family - and these awesome girls! They made my job so easy :-)

Then off to the playground we went! Kaitlyn had a blast on the swings.

And Elizabeth really enjoyed the slide :-)

While the girls played for a while, Kristin asked for a special request... a couple of specific newborn/baby photo's she'd seen before, and wanted to try with Joseph. So we gave the first one a try with Scott. Not only did we get the shot that Kristin was looking for (at least I hope so... :-), but we got a whole series of these! And Joseph.. well, he was just the perfect sleeping angel while we did this :-) A big thank you to Kristin for pushing me to work on getting a shot like this, and a HUGE thank you to Scott for being so patient while we worked on positioning Joseph. You guys rock!

And this is the second shot Kristin was looking to get - Joseph's little feet on her hands, with hers and Scott's wedding rings on Joseph's little toes. Success!

Then a quick celebratory kiss to celebrate :-) You guys are so cute!

Right after this the girls came back for a snack, so I took advantage of that and got a few more shots of them. By this point Kaitlyn had put her dress on - and she had to wear that hat, of course, "Because it matches!" Great sense of style, Kaitlyn. I love it :-)

Elizabeth was in no mood for photos though - she just wanted her snack and back to play. So I got a shot of her playing on the swing. Again, there's that signature serious face. LOVE.

Once I had a few more shots of the girls, I went back to Joseph and took a few photos of him as he slept, and then I got THIS! His parent's were so excited, because though they had seen Joseph smile a few times before they'd never been able to capture it on camera. So glad I could help with that! :-)

While the girls continued playing we decided to get a few more photos of Scott and Kristen with Joseph. This is definitely a keeper.

And of course, we had to get a few of the love birds alone. Such a cute, loving couple :-)

And I must end with this one. To get all five members of a family to look at you -- including the 4 year old, the 2 year old, and the 1 month old -- is pretty cool in itself. But to get all five family members to look at you AND smile... I'm in photography heaven! Kaitlyn and Elizabeth are rock stars, and Joseph is the coolest baby ever!

Kristin and Scott -- thank you so much for trusting me to document your growing family. I had an absolute blast with you guys that afternoon. Your girls are so sweet and kind, and they made my job so easy. To come home and edit them, and find just about every single one a keeper was amazing. And to hear that your girls prayed for me the other night was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family, and I hope we "work" together again soon in the future! :-) Blessings! -Brenda