Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas at Tom's Farms

This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple with gorgeous kids who have amazing eyes. It was every photographers dream come true! And, even though the kiddos are young, they were so easy-going and made my job so much fun! Families like these make me adore my job even more.

Meet the "F" family. Yeah, I wasn't kidding when I said they were beautiful.

This is totally handsome 3 year-old Aidan. Look at those eyes!

And this is gorgeous 22 month-old Aaliyah. Again, gorgeous eyes - and what a beautiful name to go with such a beautiful little girl.

We made sure to get every combination possible, like mom and Aidan...

Dad and Aidan (love those smiles! :-)....

Dad and Aaliyah (Daddy's little girl :-)...

And mom and Aaliyah. Of course, we did get a more natural posed one with both Tarin and Aaliyah looking at my camera, but I love this one. It's so real, and so them.

We then made sure to get some of the kids with each parent, and again, while I do have this shot with Rudy and both kids looking at the camera, I love this one so much more. Tarin was being silly behind me with Mr. Goose (thanks Tarin!) and they were loving it :-)

Also LOVE this one of Tarin with her two little ones. I love the motion in Aidan's hair. Yes, that kid can RUN!

And this is one of my FAVORITES of the entire shoot! Not only is Aidan's arm around Aaliyah, but he's giving her a kiss too! Success!! I was doing a happy dance behind my lens :-)

In the midst of all that running around and fun, I did make sure to get a couple of shots of the kids' eyelashes.

Absolutely stunning.

This shot kind of happened by "accident". Tarin was changing Aaliyah into another outfit, and in the meantime Rudy walked off with Aidan to look at the water (LOVE Tom's Farms by the way, so many different photo ops and props there!) when suddenly Tarin looked over and said, "Oh that's so cute!" I quickly snapped a couple of photos, and this was one of the results. Now Rudy will always remember how tall Aidan was at three years old as he held his hero's hand. Love.

Then it was time for some Christmas-type photos. I took out a basket and some Christmas tree sphere-ornaments I had in my car and let the kids run the show. Aaliyah certainly loved the sphere-ornaments - especially when she realized she could throw them without them shattering (and thank you, Target, for providing these great-looking plastic sphere-ornaments! :-)

Aidan was just happy to carry the basket around with all the sphere-ornaments.

But he was still a great big brother and shared them with his little sister. Love sibling shots.

Rudy and Tarin then joined the Christmas fun. Love this family candid.

Shortly after we headed to the carousel. Tarin wanted to get a shot like this, but I wasn't sure Aidan and Aaliyah would hold hands long enough to get it. Thankfully they proved me wrong :-)

I think this should be printed on a big canvas, especially if they share a bedroom. Yes - I was indeed doing a happy dance behind my lens after I got this!

And then onto the carousel it was! I got SO many different amazing shots here, many with the whole family looking at me. But I love this one. I absolutely love how in love Rudy and Tarin are - while their little ones mind their own business :-) Great arm placement Tarin - love how you can see your wedding ring!

After the carousel we headed to the "dead Christmas tree." I still can't believe we got this shot! I'm telling you, Aidan and Aaliyah were SO good!

At the very end, Tarin wanted to get a couple of photos for Aaliyah's 2nd birthday party invitation, so we headed back to the grass. But, before Tarin could even change Aaliyah's outfit we got this. Perfection.

Then while Tarin changed Aaliyah's outfit, Aidan hammed it out for my camera. What a handsome little boy! Seriously, Rudy and Tarin are going to have to get a big stick to keep all the girls away in a few years...

And all the boys, too! Look at that doll-baby!

Rudy and Tarin, what can I say? Thank you so much for trusting me with these precious memories. It was an absolute pleasure to "work" with your beautiful family, and I had a blast! I look forward to "working' with you again in the future. Thanks so much, and Merry Christmas "F" Family! ~Hugs, Brenda