Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is tomorrow! So here are the deals....

1. I will sell ten (10) lifestyle sessions for half off. This means that your usual $150 lifestyle session will only be $75. This does NOT apply to any of the lifestyle packages, however, just to ANY of the single-lifestyle sessions.

2. I will sell two wedding/Sweet 15 packages for half off. This means that instead of your wedding/Sweet 15 photography being $1000, it will only be $500.

This will be first come, first serve, so hurry! You can start taking advantage of these deals TONIGHT at midnight! Simply leave a comment on Facebook stating what package you want and it's yours! You can also send me a text or an email (contact info here) and that will get you your session.

Please share this with your friends - especially your friends planning a wedding!

They're bound to go soon so hurry! :-)