Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Time Fun

Okay, so I've been really busy this summer and haven't posted - sorry! I've been having so much fun that I just hadn't had time. I have, however, taken a gazillion photos of everything I've done this summer, so here are a few collages of all I've done. Enjoy! :-)

My summer started with a great visit up north to Fresno, CA. It was  very relaxing trip - one that was definitely needed before all my summer fun started :-)

The beach (and sunsets) deserves a FULL photo just because I have spent so much time there. Whenever there isn't much to do - to the beach we head :-)

And here is a collage of some of my beach visits (I don't take my good camera to all my visits).

The next big thing that summer held was Father's Day. Father's day is always very tough, and definitely not one of the things I look forward in summer....

But this year we managed to make it a little less stressful. After going to the cemetery we headed to the Aquarium of the Pacific and had a good time :-)

And then, of course, there was the glorious Independence Day. What a blast that day was!

After that we headed to Lake Perris with some family and I got to ride on jet skis for the first time. It was one of the best things I've done in my life! Plus camping was pretty fun too :-)

We also visited the Japanese Gardens at CSULB for the first time. We got to see tons of koi fish and so many different plants. We were only there for about 2 hours, but it was definitely one of the highlights of this summer.

In the midst of all our summer activities, I still got some new photos of my three dogs. Roxy is now over two years old, Sam is one and a half, and my little Ty is 6 months old. My beauties :-)

Then in mid August we went camping again - this time to Lake Webb in the Buena Vista Recreational Area. We were about 30 family members on this trip so needless to say, we had a blast. I'd never camped with so many people before and I must say, it's one of the best experiences I've had!

And the last thing I did this summer is the one that has changed my life: I was a counselor at Camp del Corazon. Camp del Corazon (CDC) is a totally free camp for kids ages 7-17 with heart disease. As most of you know, I myself have congenital heart defects, so I know what it's like to go through his disease as a child. It was probably my experience with heart defects that made his visit so amazing. I feel like I made a new home at CDC in Catalina Island. I honestly did not want to leave that place.... and now that I'm home I'm counting down the days until I can go back!!

Unfortunately, however, when I got to the San Pedro Dock to wait for the kids to arrive so we could head o the island, water was spilled on my Canon SLR so I wasn't able to take any photos at CDC with it. It's now repaired and all, but most of the photos in this collage were taken with my iPhone. But it as such an amazing experience that I still wanted to share them :-)

I hope you all also had an amazing summer! :-)