Sunday, June 5, 2011

Esther and Victor's Wedding

This past Saturday Victor and Esther celebrated their HUGE day - and it was perfect! The weather was so cooperative and everything came out better than planned! So I'm just going to quit yapping and get right to the photos :-)

The day started bright and early with Esther getting her hair done.

Once that was done, we went to her house and got started on all the her beautiful shoes....

...and her gorgeous veil. The details on her dress, tail and veil were absolutely beautiful.

I love this shot of Esther's mom helping her get dressed and attaching her veil on. One of her last moments with her unmarried youngest daughter.

And those shoes! Love it.

Once we were in the limo, Esther was all smiles.

But really, how could she not be? Everything was perfect - and her dad was on his way to bring her to her soon-to-be-husband.

And the groom... he couldn't wait to see his bride. I talked to him after and asked how he felt when he saw her get out of the limo and he said, "I didn't know if to smile huge or cry. She was stunning." :-)

This shot is beautiful.... Esther's dad walking his last daughter down the aisle....

Victor's face was priceless as Martin handed over his daughter :-) Pure joy.

And so the ceremony began.

It was absolutely gorgeous out there.

This shot was taken during their vows. I accidentally focused on the podium and Bible instead of the bride and groom - but I love it, especially considering when it was taken. I get this sense that if they follow what's in that Bible their marriage will be perfect.

And then it was time to light the unity candle.

Once they were pronounced husband and wife, it was time to kiss the bride. I love Victor's expression as he lifted the veil off Esther! (the kiss to come later :-)

And that was it - they were married! Pure awesomeness.

After that we got some shots with one of the most fun wedding parties I've ever worked with. And by the way, the sun was really working in our favor :-) I love their shadows.

And even though the posed photos were wonderful, I love the candid's, like this.

The groom with the bouquet.

And the gorgeous bride with her bouquet.

They are just so cute....

The moment before the kiss. I love their expressions. These two just couldn't stop smiling :-)

Once again, the wedding party was great! Thanks for this shot guys! :-)

And these two love birds were in their own world :-)

After all the portraits everyone ate and then it was time for the toast.

Everyone prayed before the toast for a prosperous marriage.

And then everyone drank to the groom and bride :-)

And of course, they kissed :-)

Such a fun shot of Victor! :-)

After all the fun, it was time to cut their beautiful cake.

Victor is so in love....

The figure on their cake was too cute for words!

And thankfully, they were willing to mimic it to my camera :-)

This was completely undirected. They said "cut the cake" and so they did - with a lot of love.

This was undirected too!

Needless to say, with all the love these two have, their marriage is sure to prosper. Congratulations, Esther and Victor, and I wish for the best for you two! Love, Brenda.