Monday, December 13, 2010

Aileen's Sweet 15

You'll probably remember this beautiful young lady from her pre-fifteen session at the beginning of November. She's now 15 years old, and I had the privilege of photographing her party. What an honor. To be there to photograph her party was awesome, but to witness the love that her family has for her was just such an honor.

Every detail was beautiful, from the decoration of the room.... her gorgeous (and delicious!) cake...

... to her beautiful flowers. Absolutely stunning!

I caught a glimpse of Marvin, Aileen's Dad, preparing for the little service that he would give in a few minutes. What an honor for Aileen to have her very own father introduce her to the world as a young lady...

The little service was wonderful too. At moments it was tear-jerking, at other moments it was such a learning experience, and at other moments it was just plain o' funny! :-)

Once it was time for Aileen to give her vows to be pure, etc, etc, Maribel, Aileen's Mom, went to stand at her side. I love how Maribel took hold of Aileen's hand.. as if saying, "No matter what, I'm here for you, to hold your hand through EVERYTHING."

As Marvin was finishing up I caught Maribel looking at her "little" Aileen about to cry... realizing that her little girl is now a young lady. Just lovely.

And then Marvin introduced her to everyone, no longer as a little girl, but as a young lady. I love Aileen's smile, but even more, I love how Marvin is looking at her with such admiration.

After some delicious dinner by Aileen's Grandma, we did some portraits, and I HAD to include this one with Aileen's Great-Grandmother. Just look at the love in her eyes, and how she can make Aileen crack up! What an honor for Aileen to have her Great-Grandmother there on such an important day.

I also had to include this shot, because these brothers (Aileen's cousins) were dressed to impress! Absolutely handsome young men!

As we moved on to the cake Maribel wanted to get a family shot. I got several others of them all smiling and looking at my camera, but I absolutely LOVE this one. Marvin's and Maribel's smiles and priceless, and I love how most of the kids are looking in other directions and being themselves - especially Angel! :-) This is what I call a "real moment captured" :-)

Then we all sang Happy Birthday to Aileen before she cut the cake. See Marvin in the background? I think he enjoyed singing to his baby girl :-) And Crystal too!

This shot just gets to me. While I was trying to get a shot of Aileen with her cake before she cut it, I saw a blur run past me. I turned and saw Marvin take his phone out and snap a photo himself, this way he always has it with him :-)

This is Nathan, Aileen's youngest brother. Think he enjoyed the cake? :-)

And Aileen... she was simply beautiful! As I was editing this photo I was listening to music (I always am) and the song Beautiful by MercyMe came on. What a perfect song for this BEAUTIFUL young lady!

And wouldn't you know, it rained the evening of Aileen's Sweet 15 so we couldn't get outdoor photos of her that day, but we will get those soon so stay tuned for those! :-)