Friday, November 12, 2010

More Beautiful You

Where do I start...?? I've known Aileen and her family for 10 years now (Aileen's younger brother Angel was a newborn when I met them, and now he's 10). My, how time flies! Aileen and I kind of grew up together, being only a few years apart going to the same church. Now that they moved away I don't see them as often, so I was stoked when Aileen's mom asked me to photograph her "little girl" before she turns 15 at the end of this month. I'm thinking, "Fifteen already!?" But yup, Aileen is a little lady already.

As I was editing her photo shoot I couldn't help but think of the song More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz. It's such a perfect song for a teenager her age, and even if Aileen isn't going through what the song outlines, the phrase, "You were made to fill a purpose that only YOU could do, so there could never be a more beautiful you" is just so fitting. Why? Because Aileen is BEAUTIFUL! So I'll stop blabbering away and get right into the photos!

I knew Aileen was very athletic, so I suggested to her mom to take one of her uniforms so she could get some photos in that. While Aileen got ready I asked her what sport she was doing and she said, "Volleyball season just ended so I'm going to start basketball for the winter and then track-and-field for the spring." I think "athletic" is an understatement to how athletic this girl is!

Thank you for helping us get these shots Maribel!

Aileen is absolutely stunning, whether it be in her volleyball uniform...

Or in a nice shirt and skirt. I had such a hard time deciding what photos to blog, because Aileen looked so beautiful in all of them that I could have posted them all.

I LOVE how she's still a little girl too. I suggested we head to the playground and she didn't object :-)

She even jumped off the swing for a couple of shots!

Marvin and Maribel better get a big stick to keep all the boys away from Aileen, because she's absolutely beautiful.

Of course, since she did the swings she had to do the slide too. I love this candid. As she was coming down Maribel told her something and Aileen looked over and next thing she knew she hit the bottom. And what did she do? Crack up. LOVE.

And if she did the swings and slide, why not the monkey bars too?? This is a gorgeous shot with a nice flare! :-)

I couldn't help but think, "This girl looks like a model!" Granted, a short model, but a model nonetheless :-)

Don't ask how many outfit changes she did, because I lost count! But she was so fast at changing :-) We did her photo shoot at the Wilderness Park in Downey so we made sure to get a shot of Aileen "with" the ducks and the pond. Love her smile - it's so natural.

Maribel: Jump. Do something crazy.
Aileen: Okay Mom.
Love :-)

Gorgeous headshot.

I have to add this shot, 1 - because all three ladies are gorgeous! Maribel, you are blessed! And 2 - to thank Crystal, Aileen's younger sister. As I sit here typing this I was thinking that the outfit changes would have gone SO much slower if Crystal wasn't there to help carry Aileen's clothes and help her change. So Crystal, thank you SO much for all your help! When you have a photo shoot done make sure you make Aileen come to help you the way you helped her :-)

Aileen - thanks so much for wanting me to do this, and I hope you like these as much as I do! :-)