Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lynwood Classic Car Show

On Sunday, October 17, 2010 my hometown hosted its Annual Taste of Lynwood and Classic Car Show, and I was asked to document the event. What a show! Those classic cars were absolutely amazing, and it was insane to see how "flexible" those cars were and the kinds of "tricks" that they could do. I had an absolute blast. The only thing missing? The sun. It's been raining all week, and although it wasn't raining for the time I was out there, it was still very chilly and grey/dark. Nevertheless, it was one amazing show!

If you were there and would like to purchase photo's of the cars you liked, or your cars, you can purchase them here:


Here is the name on the plaque of one of the trophies. Yes, this wasn't only a show, but a competition as well.

Love the color on this one. Plus, our county library in the back makes it stand out even more.

This is what was under the hood of the previous car. Yes, perfectly clean and shiny - and purple to match the cars paint job! These guys got very creative.

It would be a major understatement to say that the owner of this car was a LA Lakers fan. Seriously. This was my second my favorite car of the show. And yes - I AM a Laker's fan :-)

Absolutely love the color on this one, and the way it's tilted. Not to mention the sky (seconds before it started raining and I had to run for cover with my camera!)

Any idea what city the owner of this car is representing? :-)

This was a witty idea. The owner of this little car was this big man. He has his classic car that looks like this little one. This big man happens to have an adorable little toddler, so he had this car made just for him. Like father like son. LOVE.

No, it wasn't a bike show, but these guys are so creative that not only do they "fix" their cars, but their bikes too!

This was my favorite car from the show. AMAZING.

This is the same car from above (my favorite) showing it from different angles. Seriously, how do you get a car to do this!!??

This one was so shiny and long. And where are the back wheels? :-)

Love the color on this one. Oh - and one second it looked like that and the next it almost touched the floor. It's cool how these guys can manipulate the height of the car.

A truck! I am a sucker for trucks, so this one definitely caught my attention.

You know how I keep saying that these guys are creative? Well, they are! Check out how they make the doors open up in these cars. No traditional way for these guys :-)

And the trophies... just beautiful! Although the car on here doesn't seem to be classic :-)

Thanks again to the City of Lynwood for wanting me to document this event - I had a blast!