Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eduardo the Bruin

This past weekend I got the privilege to do a photo session for a great friend and fellow Bruin. Eduardo and I met by accident a little over 2 years ago. I went to UCLA the summer before starting my freshmen year to get a feel for the school - and so did Eduardo. If memory serves, Eduardo and I met by Joe Bruin. Apart from Royce Hall, the Joe Bruin statue is what categorizes UCLA. What a great place to meet.

Since then Eduardo and I have kept in touch and have even had a couple of classes together. It goes without saying that I was thrilled when he wanted to do a session, and not just do a session, but to do it at UCLA!

It rained last week though, so I was afraid that it might rain this weekend or that even if it didn't, it would be really grey and foggy... thankfully that was NOT the case. It was an absolutely beautiful day as we started out in Royce Hall.

Royce Hall is featured in several films because of it's gorgeous architecture. What a great place for photographs.

Not only are the arcs very photogenic, but the doors are too! And of course, Eduardo isn't far behind at all :-)

There are several fountains around UCLA, but this particular one is the one near Royce Hall, so we got a couple of shots there. Eduardo - love the pose!

Apart from the man-made boastfulness of the campus, the natural sides are gorgeous too. Green grass, pink flowers, an old tree, and a great guy to go with it all.

These steps lead up to Powell Library, a place where I'm sure Eduardo spends a LOT of time. Well, I do anyway :-)

Love the back-light on this one, and the pose.

Seriously, if anyone can strike a serious pose it's Eduardo. Love this.

After lots of outdoor shooting we then headed into Royce Hall for some photos in there. We were lucky that the halls were so quiet and were able to capture this shot of him alone :-)

Royce Hall is exceptional beautiful both inside and out. Checkout these gorgeous stairs and the stain glass behind Eduardo.

After Royce Hall we headed into Powell Library. Eduardo, I have to hand it to you, this shot is terrific! The books, the relaxed, the gaze - love it!

After some more photo's we headed back outside and got this great shot of Eduardo with Royce Hall towering over him.

And we got this great last shot as we headed to my car. Eduardo, gracias! Thank you for such a great photo shoot and such a terrific time! Hope to work with you again in the future :-) ~ Brenda