Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Heart Walk

This is one of those blog posts that can say SO much about a person. This blog post defines a lot of who I am. It combines my passion - photography - with something extremely personal to me - CHD (Congenital Heart Defects).

Sometime back I dedicated an entire blog post to CHD titled Let's Talk About CHD. There I opened my heart and told you all about my sickness and what could be done to help. This weekend, that Heart Walk took place - and it couldn't have gone better!

The day started with buckets of rain. It was 7:30am when my family and I left my house to head to Pasadena and it was still pouring. We were honestly worried that the rain would ruin the event. However, as soon as we parked the rain went away and left us with terrific walking weather! We were thrilled.

This was the clothing that I wore. I did get a white UCLA shirt, but I wore this red one that I got at the event instead. Love.

Here is the Rose Bowl, where the event took place. Check out the sky behind it. It had only just stopped raining when I took this photo.

This photo melts my heart... see ALL of those people with white shirts? They were all from UCLA! It was inspiring to see my hospital stand up to heart disease like this! (On a side note, I was in the photo so someone else was taking this, and waited till the last second so I didn't get a good group photo...sigh... but still, you can see the sea of white UCLA shirts here, so it serves it's purpose :-)

Though hundreds walked with UCLA, there were several groups within UCLA. My group was called "Child Life Has Heart." Child Life is a program for kids that are hospitalized, and that's where I volunteer so my family and I walked with them.

My family and me at the Start banner :-)

I honestly couldn't believe how many people were there. I REALLY should have taken a fish-eye lens to get a better photo of this, it was just incredible to see the mass of people out there, walking in honor of someone, in memory of someone, and ultimately, against this monsters taking so many lives. Absolutely inspiring.

While we waited for the walk to start we walked around, ate some of the food being offered, and of course - acted silly with my sisters!

Just about ready to start the walk...

...but first, we had to stretch! A group of dancers made the stretching so much fun!

Once we were done stretching we headed to find our group. It wasn't that hard with this guy leading the way with the sign on his back :-)

And off went Child Life Has Heart!

I think our group did awesome! PS - Thanks for this shot Chely! :-)

As if seeing thousands of people out there wasn't inspiring enough, the LA Fire Department was also there! To see that they had made time, dropped whatever they were doing to walk/jog with us... tear-jerking! Thanks for the support guys!

After less than an hour of walking, there was the finish line... There is just such a special meaning to that banner. I knew I could walk 5K just fine, but crossing that line was something else...

To end this, I want to thank my family for taking the time and going to walk and support me. I know it's your only day to sleep in, yet you made the effort to come... thank you gals SO much, I love you!