Saturday, September 18, 2010

Araceli and Her Pups

I'm the oldest of three girls. After me is Berenice, who is 15 years old, and after her is the baby of the family, Araceli, who is only 12.  I've been wanting to take photos of them for a while now and this morning I finally got to take a few photo's of Araceli. Of course, she had to pull the dogs into the photo shoot, but that's okay, because I think they look pretty good :-)

Meet my gorgeous baby sister Araceli :-)

This is one of her "I'm pensative" looks. We see this look from time to time, and I love it :-)

I know photos speak a thousand words, but in reality this one just says one: love

She's such a beautiful pre-teen!

Araceli has such a gorgeous natural smile.

I don't think it gets any cuter than this.

Absolutely LOVE this.

Walking back proudly with her big girl and little man.

The dogs being annoying and crazy. In other words, they were being themselves! I love Araceli's face - it's so real.

Eventually Sam went away and Roxy calmed down, so we got a big smile from Araceli and a calm face from Roxy :-)

Kissies to Roxy.

I guess they were so tired after all the photo's that they just had to take a nap! :-)

I'll try to get photo's up soon of Berenice and Roxy, so stay tuned!